Hope for the Home Ministries - What we do

Empowering Anchorage’s Native Homeless Population

Anchorage has a large homeless population, with key drivers being the high cost of living, substance abuse, and cultural breakdown. We have partnered with the Downtown Soup Kitchen and Hope Center to serve bowls of soup and words of encouragement to the Homeless Community. Bro. Martin shares that he enjoys making friends with the Natives and sharing the Gospel with them. Since 2020, the Hope Center feeds people from the side garage door. Bro Martin shares a devotion while people wait outdoors in the snow, rain or shine. He also plays the saxophone as well as music through the speaker while the people eat their meal. 

Hope Church

Each Sunday afternoon, we have a service primarily designed to give the homeless community a place to worship, learn more about Jesus and experience God’s love. During the winter, these services take place in an upstairs classroom of the Downtown Hope Center. During the summer or whenever it becomes warm enough to remain outside for the duration of a service, we set up canopies and have an open air service. 

We are focused upon proclaiming hope in Jesus to so many here that have lost hope for a brighter future.


Hope for the Home Ministries - What we do
Hope for the Home Ministries - What we do


Average number of Homeless people in Anchorage


Percentage of Natives in the overall homeless population in Anchorage

What We Do

Visiting the Sick and Diseased

Because of the rural nature of Alaska, many Native people must come to Anchorage for medical treatment. Bro. Martin is authorized to serve in the Hospital. Bro. Martin serves as a volunteer chaplain. Many of those who are in the Hospital lack the support system of friends and family close by, so being able to have a friendly face coming around is a great blessing. Since 2020 the ability to go into the hospital has been limited. Recently, Bro Martin has been getting invitations from the nurses to come for specific cases. 

Providing Resources for Families

Sis Carol Martin passed away in December of 2014. But before her passing, she recorded numerous helpful messages for women and families. It is our desire to upload those messages in mp3 format here on our website for your benefit and encouragement.  

Bro. James Martin Hope for the Home Ministries