Hope Church Under Canopy

While we were setting up our canopy tents (9), one of the guys helping me said, “Wow! This makes me think of Moses.” Later, Sis. Vicki Myrick led us in worship with the songs “Our God Reigns” and “How Great is Our God”.

The thought of Moses setting up a tent of worship made me strongly desire that the glory of God would fill these tents. I challenged the people to worship and welcome the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Then Bro. Jared Myrick preached an anointed and powerful message about Zacchaeus’ wonderful transformation.

I want to express the deep gratefulness I have in my heart for the Myrick’s faithfulness to the Lord and usefulness to His work in Anchorage. Praise God for their dedicated and fruitful lives!

The Lord affirmed His pleasure and blessing upon them today with at least 15 souls who stood in prayer, affirming their desire to trust Jesus for a full transformation like Zacchaeus.

I shouted and rejoiced, and many others rejoiced with us as well. (We expect to have a celebration every Sunday — that’s why we bring the ice cream!)

We gave at least 12 Bibles to those hungry for the Word!