The Hope-Mobile

One day while driving up to the Downtown Hope Center, a man approached Bro Martin’s vehicle and asked if he could just sit in the vehicle and warm up a little. To which Bro Martin responded positively. This along with another man’s comment, “I’m not welcome anywhere in Anchorage!” birthed an idea to use the Hope Church bus as a place for the homeless community to escape the elements, as well as to receive free coffee, hot chocolate, snacks and the Hope of JESUS!

As you can see, it took quite the work to get it ready to take out!
A place to relax and even play a game 🙂
The people come and go as they like and some choose to stay a little longer.
Seeing a smile, a glimmer of Hope in the midst of chaos, makes every effort worth while.

Bro. Martin plans to do this weekly. He stayed out from about 3-7:30pm the first time this past week. Please keep this new avenue of ministry in your prayers.