A Chaplaincy Testimony

Bro. Martin was visiting people at Anchorage Native Medical Center (ANMC) last week when a nurse came up to him. She told him that they wanted him to visit a lady who had been asking for a preacher to talk to. She further relayed that they knew that he should be the one to talk to her. Bro. Martin stepped into the the hospital room and greeted the lady. She was thrilled to have someone to talk to. She shared that she had been an alcoholic and that she knew she needed a change in her life. Bro. Martin shared some scriptures with her about the plan of salvation. Upon her own confession, she had never had an experience with the Lord before. Yet after Bro. Martin shared the plan of salvation, she was ready to pray. However, she asked Bro. Martin to tell her how to pray because she didn’t know how. Bro. Martin started it out and she prayed a heartfelt prayer for salvation. Bro. Martin told her afterward that she should be ready to tell others about what Jesus had done for her. While Bro. Martin was still in the room, the nurse came in that had asked him to visit this lady. When the nurse asked how she was doing, she responded with “I GOT SAVED!” We pray that her decision to follow Jesus will be long-lasting and that she will be bright light to all those she comes in contact with. Please rejoice with us… another lost soul has been found!