2nd Anniversary at Hope Church

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by at Hope Church. We were thrilled to have Bro. Mike & Sis. Sheila Shelton with us for this special occasion. Bro. Shelton shared a powerful message on “Decisions Determine Destiny”. Several responded to the invitation.

As we look back, we rejoice at how God has worked in hearts during these 2 years, and look forward with anticipation of how the power of the Gospel is going to continue to transform lives.

We would like to share some of the blessings/changes that has taken place this year.

  • Pastor Kent Redfearn of Muldoon Community Assembly expressed a desire to partner with Hope Church by sending help at least once a month. From ministry in music & prayer to serving food & cleanup, they have helped to relieve some of the load from our family.
  • Another great enhancement has been Sunday School for the children. Joy saw the need and felt the burden to start it. There are 2 children that come on a consistent basis, and others from time to time. One of the boys (the 6 year old) that comes consistently has started memorizing scripture. He enjoys it so much that his family helps him at home. When he comes to church, he excitedly quotes his verses to anyone that will listen.
  • We have had the privilege of having 3 of our 4 board members come and be with us so far. We are hoping to hear from each of them individually and share with you their experience with the ministry in Anchorage, Alaska.