A Tent Hope Revival in Anchorage, Alaska

Two years ago next Sunday I began having church services in the Downtown Soup Kitchen/ Hope Center at 240 E. 3rd Avenue. Most of the people who we bring to our Hope Church via shuttle bus on Sunday mornings are those who regularly hang out around the Brother Francis Shelter and Bean’s Cafe at 1021 E. 3rd Avenue. My family and I also minister with live Gospel music, Bible exhortations and prayer inside the Downtown Soup Kitchen throughout the week during the lunch serving time.

As you may be aware, the homeless population in Anchorage is plagued with unbelievable dysfunction. Since I’ve moved here from Texas three years ago to work among these people, I’ve grown to know and love them. Some have accepted the help and hope that is presented to them; of course, others have not. But I’m convinced that the words of Jesus are true, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). He was indeed lifted up on the cross to provide a way of salvation for all men, and His magnetic pull upon the hearts of men and women is effective as His message is proclaimed. Many of these hurting people feel totally unwelcome and uncomfortable in a traditional church setting. Their bags and “baggage” are unwanted. The tent setting will provide a connectivity that will be effective.

The location that I have secured for the Revival of Hope is ideal! It is a vacant fenced area on E. 3rd Avenue directly between these two primary outreaches to the homeless. It is only a block from Bean’s Cafe.

I have no personal agenda to mitigate. I only desire to facilitate the purpose of Jesus to build His Church, I will work in cooperation with other ministries in the community to provide an atmosphere of acceptance, love, truth, and hope by focusing the attention of attendees upon the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Lord really gave us favor with Andrew. He’s only charging us for a day’s tent/chairs rental even though we’ll be using it for 5 days. Then the cost per chair (for 250) is only $0.625 compared to other rental quote of $3.95.

The dates have been set for the Tent Revival of Hope on E 3rd Ave. This will be Mon-Fri, August 27-31 @ 3 pm. We chose that time so as to not conflict with the time that those who stay in the shelters must check in.

Please pray fervently for effective ministry.

I have secured the city permit ($500), Tent/chairs ($2268), portable toilets ($625) in addition to other lesser expenses. I found a nice generator to power the PA at a yard sale for $175. I already had to use it at our house when the power went out the other day.

Thanks for all of your loving & prayerful support.

Rev. James Martin