God is Working In Anchorage


Carolyn* was sitting up in her chair! On Saturday, when Bro. Martin last saw her, she was put down (in a medically induced coma) because of liver failure. Bro. Martin prayed then with her tearful and fearful husband beside her bed. However on this day, everything was different. Now the Dr. says it is damaged, but at least active. David*, her husband, said it’s the first time he prayed. And God has answered — “it’s a miracle!”, he said trembling. 

 Bro Martin shares, “It’s a privilege for our family to play music and share a devotion with prayer at the Downtown Soup Kitchen/ Hope Center 4 days a week. Today (2/12) was a special encouragement to me. I was playing “‘Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus” on my saxophone. I noticed a blind native woman enter the front door, tapping her white cane and being led by another native woman accompanied by a small girl. (pictured above) They went directly to the line. They got their soup and sandwich. As they came close to the door to exit, they paused to listen for a while. The blind lady turned her head toward me, broke out into a big smile and waved. Her escort said, “I wish we could stay longer! Do you come here every day?” It really touched my heart that I could be an inspiration to someone today.  It so impacted me that I read Proverbs 3:5-6 to the people, and exhorted them to trust in the Lord and not lean to our own understanding, like the blind woman who was depending upon the assistance of others to find her way.”

    A couple Sundays ago, Bro. Martin preached a powerful message on the Value of Repentance. On the bus afterward, taking the people back to Bean’s Cafe, one native lady told Bro. Martin that she hadn’t been in church for 20 years. She was noticeably moved by the message. Another lady spoke up and said, “This is my first day sober!” She said she really repented that morning and wasn’t going to drink anymore. Please pray for these two ladies. They will need God’s divine strength to be strong in the midst of contrary influences. 

  Let me fill you in a little since I last posted.  The family went to TX for a family Christmas get together as well as Jalisa’s High school graduation celebration. They were also able to minister in several churches and attend the Minister’s Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN the last of January. Jordan and Joy arrived back to Alaska a couple weeks ago, making the rest of the family feel more complete. There were people able to step in and take care of the church while the family was away, which was a great blessing. However, they were glad to be back and see everyone again. 

We pray God will bless you who pray and invest into these lives! 

Joanna Rich, Ministry Assistant